“Just Lose 20 Pounds”: Man Slammed For Giving Unsolicited Weight-Loss Advice To Personal Trainer

A certified personal trainer documented an uncomfortable encounter at the gym when a man gave her unsolicited weight-loss advice.

Danielle, who goes by @dollyblondie on Instagram, captured the moment a male gym-goer started giving her tips on healthy eating while she was lifting weights.

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“You do have some size to you,” the man can be heard saying to Danielle in the viral video.

“Yeah, I’ve put on a good muscle mass over the last year,” the 31-year-old explained.

The man didn’t seem to pay much attention to Danielle’s answer, as he quickly advised her, “You just need to do some cardio, a little bit.”

A certified personal trainer recorded the moment a gym-goer gave her unsolicited weight-loss advice and suggested she lose 20 pounds

Image credits: dollyblondie

“Just lose like 20 pounds [9 kilos,]” he continued. “How much do you weigh right now?”

“204 [pounds, 92 kilos],” the fitness expert said. 

“If you get to like 180… that’s 24 pounds [10 kilos]. That’s doable,” the man affirmed.

The content creator sarcastically responded, “That’s doable, yeah.”

“You do have some size to you. You just need to do some cardio, a little bit,” the man disrespectfully advised Danielle

Image credits: dollyblondie

“You just need to be in a deficit. You gotta eat less than you’re burning and sh*t,” recommended the gym-goer. 

Then, as if he knew the personal trainer and weight loss coach like the back of his hand, he added, “The drinking: that’s probably your kryptonite. You’re probably holding a sh*t ton of water and stuff if I had to guess. And maybe not drinking enough water.

“You don’t have to eat less. Just eat cleaner.”

The video ends with a text overlay that reads, “Can’t fix stupid.”

“Just lose like 20 pounds,” the “gym bro” said before asking Danielle how much she weighed 

Image credits: dollyblondie

Image credits: dollyblondie

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People online were outraged by the man’s intrusive behavior, with one user commenting, “I don’t want to believe someone would actually approach a stranger to say this.”

“Did he really allude to you being an alcoholic? Because that’s how I’m interpreting the ‘all the drinking’ comment,” another person chimed in.

Watch the viral interaction below:


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BOys WiLl be BoYs. Stop it!! Men do not communicate that way. People with power issues communicate this way,” said a separate Instagram user.

“The mansplaining is unreal,” commented another. “That man is insufferable and can’t read a room to save his life. He was probably low key trying to show off.”

The term “mansplaining” is used to describe a situation in which a man explains something needlessly or condescendingly to a woman, assuming she has no knowledge about the topic and would, therefore, benefit from his advice.

In addition to being a NASM-certified personal trainer, Danielle offers weight-loss coaching on her social media page

Image credits: dollyblondie

Image credits: dollyblondie

Many others congratulated Danielle for keeping her cool during the awkward situation, writing, “I am not sure how you held your composure. Obviously, you know what you’re doing.”

Another person penned, “Your body is none of his business!”

People voiced their disapproval of the gym-goer’s attitude

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