Justifiably Forgotten Milton Bradley Board Games

As an avid board gamer I’m constantly amazed by how many great games are out there, and whether they’re simple enough for kids to play or so complex adults have a hard time playing the great games keep on coming.

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But back in the board game dark ages stores were full of games that were neither fun to play nor good looking, and companies like Milton Bradley would just slap a licensed character on the box and call it a day.

Did anybody ever ask for a Do The Urkel, A Day With Ziggy or Where’s The Beef? board game? Hell no, and yet Milton Bradley made them anyway, and judging by the Urkel game’s board layout MB also made kids hate their parents for buying them such a garbage game. 

And speaking of garbage- what kid wouldn’t want to play a game called Town Dump? And what could be more fun than a safe family board game about safety? It’s a safe bet many copies of Let’s Be Safe! found their way into town dumps across America…

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