‘Karen’ Goes Wild After She Doesn’t Get A Reply From Woman Who’s On Vacation, Attempts To Get Her Fired

For those of us who use email as part of our job’s nature, it can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you can respond to a client’s demands in due time. However, this comes with the expectation to be on alert 24/7 if you don’t want to appear like a complete slacker.

In her post on r/TrueOffMyChest, user InevitablePain21 shared a cautionary tale from her vacation experience. While she was away, a majority of her team unexpectedly called in sick, leaving her as the sole point of contact for clients. “It was crazy,” the OP remarked. It was during this particular weekend that she was bombarded by a self-centric client who showed no regard for the fact that she was on vacation or that it was a weekend already. And while we won’t spoil what chaos ensues next, there’s one thing for certain: the world needs more bosses who will choose their employees over needy clients any day or night.

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The world is full of entitled customers who don’t give a darn if you’re on maternity leave or on vacation

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When this vacationing employee became responsible for satisfying the needs of a self-centered client, it couldn’t go any other way than this

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Image source: InevitablePain21

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While it’s true that the pandemic has made everyone’s bosses reconsider that office hours don’t necessarily mean productivity – even resulting in a plethora of op-eds about the anticipation of 4-day work weeks – it also has blurred the line between personal life and work.

In 2015, for example, it was estimated that an average worker in the US spends around 6.3 hours (or three The Avengers films on average) checking emails each day, half of the time dedicated to business emails, even after clocking out. 44% adults surveyed by the American Psychological Association, reported that they check work emails daily while on vacation — about 1 in 10 checked it hourly. Talk about hustle.

While occasional email check-ins may be acceptable for those who get a kick from it, the pervasive “hustle culture”, as it is often called, can often lead to detrimental outcomes. As a 2022 study revealed last year, a staggering 77% of individuals have encountered burnout in their jobs, with 42% even choosing to leave their positions due to experiencing this overwhelming stress caused by excessive hours and impractical expectations fostered by the toxic aspects of hustle culture. No surprise, then, that the rates of burnout are steadily on the rise, according to new research from Future Forum.

If there’s one thing people took from OP’s story is that the world needs more bosses who are ready to stand up for their employees

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