‘Karen’ Is Mad At This Farmer For Harvesting Her Own Crop Because She Wanted To Steal Some

Sometimes the fruits of one’s labor are literally fruits, in fact, for much of human history that has been the case. Agriculture is hard work, requiring patience, knowledge, and a decent bit of manual labor. Of course, the result is wonderful, fresh produce. Who could resist?

Well, one farmer learned that a neighboring woman could not resist and had been stealing her plums year after year and decided to share the tale with the internet. After catching her in the act, the thieving Karen had the audacity to yell at her and call her selfish. Readers had a field day mocking this entitled neighbor and sharing their own stories of people who really thought too much of themselves.

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Some people’s entitlement is so developed that they will literally steal and trespass

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One farmer ended up being yelled at by a neighboring woman who would steal her plums

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Theft of fruit is a pretty classic introduction to many tales

Media and life experiences are filled with tales of people happily stealing others’ produce. One of the early chapters in “The Fellowship of the Ring” focuses on some of the characters in the middle of stealing from a local farmer. Many rural or small-town children found ways to sneak into a neighbor’s yard to grab some apples or other items. Theft is nothing new, in fact, the oldest set of recorded laws on the planet, the very cool-sounding Code of Hammurabi, has multiple sections regarding various forms of theft and the punishments for it. Generally, if caught, one could expect some form of death. However, just the fact that these laws and punishments were needed is a pretty clear indicator that people have been stealing as long as we have had stuff. The advantage of stealing food is that you can literally eat the evidence.

Of course, in OP’s story, the issue is less theft than the Karen neighbor calling OP selfish for harvesting her own fruit. Knowing you are a thief is one thing, but constructing some sort of bizarre reality where another person’s trees and the fruit from it belongs to you is mind-boggling for most of us. However, as experience shows, this sort of person is surprisingly common, so much so that one can find hundreds, if not thousands of such tales online just by searching for some combination of the words “Karen,” “story,” and “entitled.”

Some people’s entitlement would be comical if it wasn’t so annoying

Now, some variant of “Karen” has existed for at least a few decades, taking on various names and forms. The “Soccer mom” was one example of a specific persona people applied to quickly describe a certain sort of unpleasant person while, “Barbecue Becky”, “Cornerstore Caroline”, and “Permit Patty,” have also been put forth. However, none have had the ease of use or the long-lasting ability of just calling a person a “Karen.” Now, all of these aforementioned names and the “antagonist” of OP’s story are women, however, it’s important to note that in this day and age, “Karen” can just as easily be applied to a man, for example, Elon Musk being called a “space Karen” for some public statements he has made.

In general, what this woman and many of the world’s Karens have in common is a deep-seated and bewildering entitlement. When faced with the reality that the entire universe does not revolve around them, the response, as visible in this story, is to shoot the messenger. The “Karen” yells at OP, calls her selfish and no doubt made a somewhat ridiculous scene. This is a poor decision, as the plums were never her property in the first place, OP telling her this was just communicating something that had evidently been true for years.

Imagine the audacity to climb over a fence, the clearest demarcation of territory once a year to take plums from another yard. While the specifics are unclear, it’s quite likely that most of the residents of this rural French area have a pretty good idea of where one piece of territory ends and another begins. No doubt the real crime, in “Karen’s” mind, was not her theft, but simply being caught. As many of the comments below indicate, there is an unfortunate abundance of entitlement among certain people, a cause of suffering for the rest of us.

OP shared some more details with the incredulous readers

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Others gave their own examples of Karens and their antics

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