Kate Bellm Photography

Acid landscapes and portraits shot by British photographer Kate Bellm.

Born in London, UK in 1987, Kate Bellm is an internationally recognized photographer specializing in fashion, editorial, and various personal projects. Whether landscapes or portraits of the young and wild ones, Kate Bellm’s distinctive photographs show an alternative, romanticized world. She’s often using strong saturated colors mixed with different objects and nudity to give her images some kind of nostalgic, hippie touch.

The last couple of years, she has worked for a wide range of brands and clients from the fashion and publishing industry. Selected photographs could be seen in numerous exhibitions both nationally and abroad. A few images can be found below. For those of you who want to see more of Kate Bellm’s vibrant photographs, feel free to visit her website or follow this talented photographer on Instagram: @katebellm

Kate Bellm Photography, Underwater
Shot underwater.
Kate Bellm Photography, Technicolour Spikes
Technicolour Spikes.
Kate Bellm Photography, Anna
Anna’s backside.
Kate Bellm Photography, Black and white underwater photography
Black and white underwater photography.
Kate Bellm Photography, Cisco, Bali
Cisco, Bali.
Kate Bellm Photography, Aminah Slor
Aminah Slor.
Kate Bellm Photography, Diving
Kate Bellm Photography, Giving it a massive dose of hippie culture
Giving it a massive dose of hippie culture.
Kate Bellm Photography, Psychedelic colors
Psychedelic colors.
Kate Bellm Photography, Drowning
Kate Bellm Photography, Acid landscapes
Acid landscapes.

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