kathleen ryan

Gasp! And, yeah, I threw that last image in so you could understand the scale of these insanely beautiful “rotting fruits”. This absolutely stunning work, by New York / Los Angeles based artist Kathleen Ryan, has been all over the internet in the past few weeks… and rightly so! Beads carved of onyx, jade, malachite, serpentine, bone, agate, pyrite, marble, smokey quartz, and the list goes on – encrust various gigantic fruits {that are made with polystyrene foam}.  Kathleen’s rotting riches are making comment on the excessive consumption and a culture of excess that exists all over our world.

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But wait, there’s more. So much more. Kathleen’s portfolio is filled with wonderful things… like these HUGE “pearls”:

Bowling balls. BOWLING. BALLS. I’m dying. ♥

Source: thejealouscurator

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