Kazuyuki Takezaki, Yu Nishimura at KAYOKOYUKI

Artists: Yu Nishimura, Kazuyuki Takezaki

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Venue: KAYOKOYUKI, Tokyo

Exhibition Title: Twin Boat Songs

Date: August 23 – September 20, 2020

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Images courtesy of KAYOKOYUKI, Tokyo

Press Release:

Press Release:

For this time, we have been working together.
We walked up the hilly road to the studio.
There were a number of in-progress paintings hanging in the studio. There are lots of paints.
And brushes.
We take unfinished paintings and add some touches in a leisurely way. This place seems to welcome more things than a white canvas.
Two in turns, or together.
From the hill we could see the beautiful sea, the ships coming and going.

– Kazuyuki Takezaki, Yu Nishimura


We are pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition Twin Boat Songs by Kazuyuki Takezaki and Yu Nishimura in KAYOKOYUKI. We will present paintings and drawings created in collaboration by the two artists.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

In the fall of 2017, Nishimura participated as a resident in an art project organized by Takezaki in his hometown of Kochi Prefecture, which led to an exchange back-and-forth of paintings between the two artists, connecting their respective bases in Shikoku and Kanagawa. The two artists worked together on these works, adding a few touches to the unfinished paintings/drawings that were mailed spontaneously to each other, or conversing back to back in the studio.
Each artist imagined the landscape that the other one might be seeing, let himself be traveling to, or created a stage for a fictional character as they drew and painted. In those paintings, we can sense the smell of the wind in the trees, the sound of the waves on the shore, and the presence of a figure crossing the asphalt nonchalantly.
We hope you will be able to follow the path of each painting by tracing the after-images that are superimposed on the surface of the artworks.


Born in 1976 in Kochi, Japan. BA from Kochi University, Faculty of education in 1999. Currently lives and works in Kagawa prefecture.
Selected Exhibitions: Solo show Artist Focus #01 Kochi Prefectual Art Museum (upcoming, 2020), Contemporary Art Eye vol.13 8/CUBE 1,2,3 Shibuya Hikarie (supervised by Tomio Koyama, Tokyo, 2020), parinters, Nakata Museum (Hiroshima, 2018), #12 Post-Formalist Painting, statements (Tokyo,2017), Solo show Heaven Hill , MISAKO & ROSEN (Tokyo, 2016), Solo show Kochi / Kazuyuki Takezaki, Susaki Street Corner Gallery (Kochi,2015), Solo show THE STEAK HOUSE DOSKOI (Tokyo, 2015), The Way of Painting, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (Tokyo, 2014), Depicting the Indelible Japanese Landscape, Musee Bernard Buffet (Shizuoka, 2014), Now Japan, Kunsthal KADE (Amersfoort, 2013), Imprisoned, Jailbreak, XYZ Collective (Tokyo, 2013), Solo show Numbers and Variations, MISAKO & ROSEN (Tokyo, 2013), Real Japanesque The Unique World of Japanese Contemporary Art, The National Museum of Art Osaka (Osaka, 2012), i’ll explain you everythiinnngggg, Chert (Berlin, 2012), Tokaido Shinfukei Yamaguchi Akira to Takezaki Kazuyuki, The Sculpture Garden Museum Vangi Museo (Shizuoka, 2011), Solo show Tokaido The New Landscape Part ll, MISAKO & ROSEN (Tokyo, 2011)


Born in 1982 in Kanagawa, Japan. BA from Tama Art University in 2004. Currently lives and works in Kanagawa. Selected exhibitions: Solo show at KAYOKOYUKI / Crèvecoeur (Tokyo / Paris, upcoming 2020), 2019 VOCA 2019 at The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo, 2019), ACT Vol.1 –First Lingering Mist of Spring, Tokyo Arts and Space, TOKAS Hongo (Tokyo, 2019), 2018 Contemporary Art Eye vol.13 8/CUBE 1,2,3 Shibuya Hikarie (supervised by Tomio Koyama, Tokyo, 2018) , Solo show Aperto 09 Nishimura Yu -paragraph at Kanazawa 21st Century Museum (Kanazawa, 2018), Azamino Contemporary vol.9 at Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino (Kanagawa, 2018), CONDO Shanghai at Gallery Vacancy(2018), Contemporary Art of The 21st Century, Exhibition of Taguchi Art Collection at The Hiratsuka museum of art (Kanagawa, 2018), Natsu no Tobira, Organized by Misako and Jeffrey Rosen at SHANE CAMPBELL GALLERY (Chicago, 2017), FACE 2016: FACE Award Winners -The Way of Paintings 2016 at Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art (Tokyo, 2016), Solo show project N 61 at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (Tokyo, 2015) , Art Kurabiraki Fujiyoshida 2014 at Ono Satoshi Open Studio (Yamanashi, 2014) , Solo show TWS- Emerging 202 at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo (Tokyo, 2013)

Link: Kazuyuki Takezaki, Yu Nishimura at KAYOKOYUKI

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