Kevin Beasley Joins Roster of L.A.’s Regen Projects

Kevin Beasley, whose work with sculpture and sound often delves into African American histories and imagined futures, is joining the roster of Los Angeles–based gallery Regen Projects. He will continued to be represented by Casey Kaplan in New York. His first show at Regen Projects is scheduled for April 2022.

Nominated for the prestigious Hugo Boss Prize in 2020, Beasley has presented exhibitions and performance works in a variety of forms ranging from conceptually minded DJ sets to an installation involving the whirring motor of a historic cotton gin. The latter was the centerpiece of “A view of a landscape,” a 2018–19 exhibition at the Whitney Museum in New York that also included large sculptural slabs and a performance program presented in collaboration with musicians, dancers, and other artists. (The work was deemed one of “The Most Important Artworks of the 2010s” by ARTnews.)

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Beasley’s most recent show at Casey Kaplan, in 2020, featured an array of sculptures and textured wall works made with cotton of the kind found near his childhood home in Lynchburg, Virginia. Last month, he presented a performance piece at the 2021 edition of Performa, for which he took over an intersection on the Lower East Side and filled it with sonic interventions sourced from performers whose gestures emulated and amplified everyday actions of the streets of New York.

In a statement, Regen Projects founder Shaun Caley Regen said, “I have long admired Kevin Beasley’s work and it is an honor to be working with him. Kevin’s innate ability to craft stunning and deeply affective art from materials that are unassuming and yet historically charged forms a poetic and critical voice in today’s art world.”


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