Kicking My Trashcan To The Curb And Going Hands (And Mess) Free

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Kicking My Trashcan To The Curb And Going Hands (And Mess) Free

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I’m a firm believer that for items I use every day, it’s worth the money to make an investment in the best choice in the market. I’m also a stubborn believer that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” which is why today, I’m admitting to the internet that for the past five years, I’ve been using the same old, dingy, cheap, foot pedal-less plastic trashcan in my kitchen. I KNOW. I don’t know why I decided to live like a savage all these years. I thought that something that just holds trash could never be life-changing, but all it takes is one simplehuman trashcan to prove me wrong.

Even when I wasn’t looking for a new trashcan, I knew simplehuman was well-known for being high-quality, reliable and innovative. Recently, in addition to the motion sensor they already have on their trashcans, simplehuman added a new high-tech element: a voice-activated sensor that opens the lid at the sound of a specific command.

This is game-changing for a variety of reasons. No longer do I have to fumble in front of my pedal-less trashcan to get it open while I have dripping vegetable peels or flower trimmings in hand. Now I can pre-plan when I’m about to toss my waste and a quick “open can” command will have my trashcan ready for me.

I did learn that for the multi-tasking cook like myself who has lots of pots, cutting boards, and dishes going all at once, I tend to head to the trash more than once, in which case saying “open can” eight times in a 3-minute time span sounds kind of ridiculous. (Ever say something repeatedly that it eventually sounds obsolete? Yeah, that was me the other week.) That’s when I started to really appreciate the motion sensor. It’s also convenient when I need to be in front of the trashcan for longer than a quick drop-off. When the lid is closed, the sensor’s range is only focused above the lid, ready to activate when you wave over it. Once it’s open, the range expands so that it stays open and only closes once you walk away.

Because my last trashcan didn’t come with a foot pedal, I basically had to wash my hands every time I used the trashcan. Now with simplehuman, I never have to touch it unless I’m changing the bag which I’m happy to do because it has a convenient built-in liner pocket that easily dispenses new bags. When I do touch it, the nano-silver clear coat protects the stainless steel shell from fingerprints and germs. The sensor also operates on 6AA batteries that lasts up to 3 months but using the included adapter is my preference.

Finally, my favorite part about my new trashcan is the separate container for recyclables. This has kept our kitchen a lot tidier because our counters are no longer accumulating cans and wine bottles – now we have a designated spot for them!

If I had to nitpick, I’d say that the voice sensor isn’t sensitive enough to hear over my fan when I’m cooking but that’s a very minor grievance.

It’s hard to convince someone to look beyond their plastic or sensor-less trashcans if the one they have now works just fine (I should know, I was that “someone”) but trust me. Once you’ve indulged in the luxury of one that’s motion and voice controlled, you’re going to wish you had made the switch a lot earlier. I know I did.

The lesson here? Don’t be like me circa 2012. Explore simplehuman’s new line of sensor cans and invest in something you touch everyday…for something you’ll be touching a lot less.

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