Kids Are Sharing How Their Parents Made Their Day In 88 Wholesome Posts

What made you feel loved as a kid? Think about it. Maybe you remember rollerblading with your parents on holiday? Being helped with homework? Or just telling them what you thought was a really big secret? There certainly is a time and place for big presents and gestures but very often, it is the small things that count.

Turns out, quite a few of them end up on the Internet, too. And we at Bored Panda did our best to collect them. Below you will find a wholesome series of posts where kids celebrate their parents’ signs of affection. Whether we’re talking baking cookies or 3D-printing a little anti-stress elephant, these moms and dads went the extra mile for their kids, and even if some of them weren’t executed to a tee, it’s the intention that matters. So continue scrolling, enjoy the entries, and upvote your favorites.

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#1 I Saw This Japanese Mom’s Amazing Cooking And Sent It To My Mom, Asked Her If She Could Make One For Me. I Was Just Joking Since I’m No Longer A Kid And Living In Another Continent Now. Two Hours Later She Replied With This Pic And Told Me She Will Be Practicing And Cook For Me When I Go Back Home

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#2 Very Shmol Dad

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#3 These Parents Who Made A Legit At-Home Blockbuster For Their Son

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#4 And This Dad Who Has Been Proud Of His Son’s Work At Every Age

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#5 My Dad Is Adorable And His Bad Jokes Always Make Me Happy

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#6 Wholesome Dad

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#7 My Mom Found My Book In Her Local Library And I Can’t Get Over How Proud She Looks

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#8 It’s Really Beautiful

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#9 Dad And Daughter Time

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#10 This Dad Is Doing Parenting The Right Way!

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#11 And This Dad Who Sent A Hilariously Embarrassing Voice-Recorded Card To His Daughter

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#12 This Dad Who Overnighted Mangos To His Daughter Because She Forgot To Pack Them

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#13 Every Parent Should Be So Cool; The World Would Be A Better Place

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#14 Guys, My Mum Wants You All To Cheer Up And Look At Cute Babies

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#15 A Dad Who Firmly Believes In Solidarity

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#16 This Dad, Who Took What He Learned And Ran With It

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#17 This Mom And Gma Who Make Sure To Never Miss A Game

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#18 This Just Made My Day

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#19 Ever Since I Came Out My Mom Has Sent Me Rainbow Hearts

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#20 Life Goals

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#21 On Mother’s Day In Thailand, Dad Put On A Dress For His Son, Because Everyone Was With Their Mothers, And His Mother Died

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#22 No Matter How Old, You’re Always A Kid To Your Father.

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#23 My Mother-In-Law Set Up A Sweetheart Table For My Fiancée And I On What Was Supposed To Be Our Wedding Day

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#24 Wholesome Graduation

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#25 My Mom Recently Moved In With Me. She Spent 30 Years Working In A Jewelry Store. I Needed A New Battery In My iPhone. She Immediately Looked Me In The Eye And Said “I Got This”. Welcome Home Mom. I Love You.

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#26 This Mom Who Belted Out A Classic Song In Public Just To Cheer Up Her Kid

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#27 My Dad Has Been Peeling Oranges For My Lunch Since Kindergarten & On My Last Day Of High School I Got This Instead

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#28 This Dad, Who Never Promised You Maturity

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#29 Best Advice

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#30 A Year Ago I Sent My Dad A Meme. Little Did I Know He Printed It, Dated It, Hand Laminated It, And Put It In His Office

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#31 Middle School Lunch Period Is Hard So My Mom Wrote Me Encouraging Notes To Read At Lunch

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#32 Dad Who Sent His Daughter A Cake

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#33 I’ve Been Having A Hard Time Bonding With And Getting My Daughter To Smile Lately. So I Finally Agreed To Let Her Give Me A Makeover And Her Smile Says It All

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#34 This Dad Who Praised His Daughter’s Makeup Look

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#35 Wholesome Dad

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#36 My Mom Sent Me This Picture Of Her And Our Family Dog Showing Their Pride. It Made Me Smile To Know They Support And Love Me And The Lgbt Community!

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#37 This Dad Who Took The Family Dog To A Motorcycle Event

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#38 Dad Builds A Stage Right On His Driveway To Host College Graduation For His Daughter

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#39 This Is Amazing. A Mother’s Love Is Truly Great

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#40 The Most Wholesome Parents

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#41 My Daughter’s Entire 1st Grade Class Had A Virtual “Fort Night” Together To Celebrate The End Of The Year And Boy, Did Her Dad Deliver On The Fort Making

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#42 My Son Broke His Wrist And It Extra Sucks Since We Are Stuck At Home For At Least Another Month. I Decorated His Cast And Now He Loves It And Is Super Happy To Finally Have A “Tattoo”

I’m not an artist but am really proud of this.

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#43 Dad Sent His Daughter A Single Potato Chip

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#44 And This Dad Who Sat In On His Daughter’s Grad School Class Just To Embarrass Her

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#45 My Kids Wanted To Go To A Movie Today

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#46 She’s Got Great Chat, An Eye For Colour & This Only Cost Me £1.

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#47 A Wholesome Dad

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#48 Really Wholesome Mom

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#49 Mom Wanted Her Kid To Feel Special

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#50 Heart Exploded

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#51 And This Dad Who Jokingly Photobombed His Daughter’s Proposal

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#52 Wholesome 100!! Dad Made Custom Controller For Her Specialy Abled Daughter So She Could Play Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

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#53 Last Night I Told My Mom I Was Depressed And This Morning When I Left For Work This Note Was On The Front Door

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#54 These Parents Who Made Their Couch Feel ~homey~ For Their Son Who Just Moved Back In.

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#55 I Asked My Bar Guest What She Was Writing. Turns Out She Has 3 Daughters And She Writes 5 Lines A Day To Each Of Them. These Will Be Gifts When They Get Married One Day. Mom Of The Year

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#56 This Dad Who Got A Hearing Aid Tattoo So His Daughter Wouldn’t Feel So Different

#57 This Dad Who Was So Proud To Walk His Son To School No Matter His Son’s Age

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#58 Wholesome Dad

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#59 My Dad Came To Visit Me At My Tiny Apartment A Few Months After I Got My First Real Job And Moved Across The Country. I Slept In And Woke Up To This Note And The Fridge Stocked With Groceries. Parents Never Stop Being Parents

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#60 My Mom Noticed My Toes Poke Through The Shoes I Wear To Work Every Day. Today I Got This In The Mail. It’s The Most Thoughtful Thing Anyone Has Ever Done For Me. I Love My Mom

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#61 I Haven’t Been Doing Too Great Today, But Then I Got These Texts From My Dad While He Was On A Walk And I Felt A Little Better

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#62 This Dad Who Takes His Daughter Out On Monthly Dates So They Can Spend Daddy-Daughter Time Together

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#63 While On Vacation My 10-Year-Old Daughter Wanted Me To Walk On The Beach With Her Right When I Was In The Middle Of A Good Book

Reluctantly, I went because I knew it would make her happy. Took the best picture of my life on that walk. It makes me smile every time.

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#64 And This Mom Who Made An In-Home Spa For Her Daughter

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#65 These Parents Who Greeted Their Kid At The Airport Like This

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#66 This Mom, Who Tried Out Some Slang To See If It Fit

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#67 I Drew This Little Thing And My Mom Liked It So Much That She Decided To Frame It Thanks Mom, You The Best

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#68 I Told My Mom I Was Going To Take A Picture Of Her Making Cookies Because It Made Me Smile And She Insisted On Posing With The Spatula

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#69 And This Mom Who Knows Homemade Cake That Disses Homework Is A Legit Way To Make Her Kid Happy

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#70 I Got My School Calculator Today. My Parents Know What A Weeb I Am, That I Don’t Like Math And That I Think My Calculator Is Boring So While I Was Out With My Doggo They Put Anime Stickers On It To Make Me Happy. Its Simple Yes But I‘M Really Happy About It. Thanks For The Effort Mom And Dad

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#71 My Little Sis Had An Accident Today At Kindergarten & This Is How My Dad Left To Pick Her Up So She Wouldn’t Feel So Sad/Embarrassed

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#72 And This Dad Who Hilariously Trolled His Daughter After Taking Away Her Phone

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#73 My Daughter Has Been Asking Every Christmas And Birthday For 5 Years For Her Dream Dog. This Week We Adopted Her New Best Friend. So Far They’re Inseparable

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#74 Mom Dropped This Off On My Porch After Us Having The Rona For Days. Made Me A Little Happy On The Inside

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#75 After Years Of Not Feeling Like Myself, I Finally Talked To My Mom About Seeking Therapy. Here’s A Bit Of Our Conversation

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#76 My Dad Took Time From His Job To Go To My Sisters Classroom And Dropped Off Flowers

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#77 What True Love Makes You Do

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#78 I Haven’t Been In An Amazing Mental Space Recently Be My Mom Went To Target And Saw This. She Showed Me And I Started Tearing Up. I Love You Mom

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#79 After 13 Years Of Preparations, This Dad Finally Gives His Daughter The Most Heartwarming Graduation Gift

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#80 My Dad Bought Me A Chinese 400 Games In One System Because He Knows I Like Video Games. He’s Trying His Hardest, Thanks Dad!

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#81 This Kid Didn’t Have A Birthday Party, So His Mom Gave Him A “Happy Meal”

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#82 My Mom Texted Me A Picture Of Leaves She Collected That Made Her Happy. It’s Been A Long And Lonely Week So Needless To Say I’m Looking Forward To Our Call

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#83 My Daughter Has Had A Hard Time Adjusting To A New Little Sister Born A Month Ago. I Took Her Out On A Daddy-Daughter Date Tonight To Reassure Her That She’s Still My Little Princess

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#84 This Dad Who Knows Free Food Is The Best Way To Make His Kid Happy

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#85 My Mom Just Bought This Chocolate Because I Told Her That I’ve Never Tasted It Before. I Don’t Deserve Her!

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#86 Girl Got Back Home From Italy And Was Required To Self Quarantine In Her Room For 14 Days, So Her Parents Prepared Every Meal For Her And Then Ate Every Meal With Her From The Hallway

Girl got back home from Italy and was required to self quarantine in her room for 14 days, so her parents prepared every meal for her and then ate every meal with her from the hallway from r/wholesome

#87 So Because Isolation And Going Nuts We Threw A Dinner Party For The Kids

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#88 Beer Me!

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