Kids' Toys Hopped Up On Too Much Electricity

Most simple children’s electric toys run on five volts or less. YouTuber Aboringday has time on his hands and a lot of toys, so he took their batteries out and hooked up a WANPTEK DC power supply to various toys to see what boosting that voltage would do, in increments up to 30 volts! What happens? Well, they go faster. They sound like they are screaming, although that’s just the moving parts trying to keep up. And sometimes they tear themselves apart. That can be pretty funny, but what’s really fascinating is how odd the toys are in the first place. I would love to have the duck slide; that’s just cool. The dancing monkey is charming and clever. But the bee sting dog is downright horrific at any speed. Would a child actually get pleasure from it? Oh, but there’s more.

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The anticipation grows as we wait to see what more power will do to a Thomas the Tank Engine train! It’s an illustration of the phrase “going off the rails.” But for consistency’s sake, he feels he has to show us all the higher voltage levels anyway. The crab had to be tied down! What he did to the dog bank was downright sadistic. We got some laughs, and now all his toys are broken. -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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