King Charles’ New Royal Portrait Brutally Roasted Online

King Charles’ new portrait stirred mockeries online, with people making humorous comparisons between the 75-year-old monarch and various notable characters, including Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters, Dracula, and the frozen Han Solo from Star Wars.

Taking to its official social media platforms, the British Royal Family shared Charles III’s new portrait, along with a caption that read: “Today, The King unveiled a new portrait by @RealJonathanYeo at Buckingham Palace. 

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“The painting – commissioned by The Draper’s Company – is the first official portrait to be completed since His Majesty’s Coronation. 

“It will hang in Draper’s Hall in London.”

King Charles III’s new portrait sparked online mockery

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In the painting, His Majesty is dominated by rich red tones, as the background is an abstract blend of various shades of red, creating a warm and dynamic backdrop that envelops him.

King Charles is depicted wearing a red uniform adorned with intricate details and decorations, blending seamlessly with the background. 

His uniform, which appears almost camouflaged, features ornate patterns and medals that signify his royal status and military affiliations. 

The portrait features a butterfly on the left side, which, according to the artist, symbolizes King Charles III’s initiatives related to environmental protection.

Humorous comparisons were drawn to characters like Vigo the Carpathian and Dracula

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The sovereign’s face is a focal point, as his expression is composed yet portrayed with a subtle smile. 

The lighting accentuates his facial features, highlighting his eyes and the lines on his face, which reflect his age and experience. 

Nevertheless, the piece of art’s intense red tones evoked a villainous aura for many viewers, leading to people drawing hilarious parallels between the king and various fictional characters or symbolisms.

“Looks like the perfect image to mark the end of a vicious and brutal imperial monarchy. Poetic,” a person joked on X (formerly known as Twitter).

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More people compared the portraits to frozen Han Solo and various other examples following its unveiling at Buckingham Palace

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An X user commented: “Getting strong Vigo the Carpathian vibes from this.”

Someone else added: “It’s hideous – a blood bath!”

A viewer wrote: “No offense but that is a very grim portrait.”

An additional commentator penned: “Well that’s fitting.”

“Is this a joke? That painting is wack. My 9 y/o could do better. He looks like a Dungeons & Dragons villain,” an X user argued.

Another person quipped: “He looks quite content in the depths of hell …”

The painting was made by the renowned artist Jonathan Yeo

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Satan is that you?” someone asked.

A separate individual chimed in: “Heinz wants their ketchup back.”

“It looks like Dante’s Inferno,” an onlooker remarked.

Meanwhile, one observer shared a more elaborate opinion: “To me, and I love the royal family and England, I interpret that as the monarchy having blood on its hands from a century of colonialism

“I don’t think it’s right.”

The piece was commissioned in 2020 to celebrate the then-Prince of Wales’s 50 years as a member of The Drapers’ Company

Image credits: WstBnrBptst

The painting, by the renowned artist Jonathan Yeo, was commissioned in 2020 to celebrate the then-Prince of Wales’s 50 years as a member of The Drapers’ Company, the Daily Mail reported.

It reportedly depicts the reigning king wearing the uniform of the Welsh Guards, of which he was made Regimental Colonel in 1975.

The red tones covering the majority of the canvas are part of Jonathan’s signature style and can be seen in his other portraits, including one of Queen Camilla from 2014 that is dominated by hues of blue, as per The Mail.

The canvas size — approximately 8.5 ft by 6.5 ft framed — was carefully considered to fit within the architecture of Drapers’ Hall.

Image credits: ren3709324349

Jonathan had four sittings with Charles, beginning when His Majesty was Prince of Wales in June 2021 at Highgrove and later at Clarence House, the British tabloid reported.

The artist said: “When I started this project, His Majesty The King was still His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, and much like the butterfly I’ve painted hovering over his shoulder, this portrait has evolved as the subject’s role in our public life has transformed.

“I do my best to capture the life experiences etched into any individual sitter’s face.”

It depicts the reigning king wearing the uniform of the Welsh Guards, of which he was made Regimental Colonel in 1975

Image credits: senn_twt

“In this case, my aim was also to make reference to the traditions of royal portraiture but in a way that reflects a 21st Century monarchy and, above all else, to communicate the subject’s deep humanity.

“I’m unimaginably grateful for the opportunity to capture such an extraordinary and unique person, especially at the historic moment of becoming King.”

The King’s new portrait continued to spark humorous reactions and critiques

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