KISS Kan't Spell 'Cincinnati'

It’s hard for anyone to spell Cincinnati if you haven’t had to do it quite a few times. People who live there have it down, but visiting rock stars do not. When KISS played Riverbend Music Center Thursday, they sold commemorative t-shirts for $50, complete with the city’s name …with two “t”s. CityBeat reports:

KISS’s variation on the common misspelling is fairly common — the double “Ns” seem to confuse people. It’s as if they start writing it, knowing there’s a double letter somewhere, but are unsure of exactly where. Some go for a single second “N,” then a double “T,” but KISS went all-in with a double “N” and a double “T,” just to be safe. Epic.

Anyway, thanks to Jean Simmons and the rest of the band for a great final show!

People had a good time over the snafu on Twitter. Locals couldn’t wait to report the incident to the Twitter account It’s spelled ”Cincinnati.” And it wasn’t the only mixup of the night.

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