Kitchen with a Feature

An apartment in San Francisco seems odder the more you look at it. It has three levels, and you enter into the apartment through the kitchen on the lowest level. To get through the kitchen, you need to avoid the diagonal building brace. Why is that in the middle of the kitchen? Was this a required addition for earthquake reinforcement, or a leftover from the original construction? The building is a conversion, but there’s no reason to leave it out in the open like that. Why couldn’t they have put a counter or a partial wall over the obstruction? That would have been as easy as customizing the cabinets around it. Imagine trying to evacuate the building in a hurry at night.  

This is listed as a two-bedroom loft, but looking at the floor plan, I do not see a second bedroom. The top floor has a “sitting room” which could be used as a bedroom, but the occupant would have to go down two flights of stairs to reach the main bathroom, or else walk through the master bedroom on the floor below. There’s an elevator listed, but I don’t see it.  

The real kicker is that this apartment recently sold for a little over a million dollars. You can explore the listing at Movoto. -via Boing Boing

Source: neatorama

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