Konstantin Grcic's Locker Box and Drop Box for Vitra

At first glance these Locker Boxes could be mistaken for steel toolboxes. In fact the design, done by Konstantin Grcic for Vitra, consists of recycled/recyclable polypropylene sides, aluminum tubes providing the lengthwise structure and polyester textile panels with welded seams slung between the tubes serving as the walls.

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And while these are meant for carrying tools, they are the tools wielded by knowledge workers:

“Flexible work methods have been transforming our offices for several years now. Work is no longer confined to an assigned desk, but occurs in changing locations – according to whether the task requires productive exchanges with colleagues or quiet concentration. It is therefore practical for employees to always have their personal utensils with them.

“Konstantin Grcic teamed up with Vitra to develop the Locker Box and Locker Box small: two compact, portable caddies of different size that can hold work tools, such as a laptop, keyboard, papers, pens, cables, hard drives, headphones etc. and be easily stored away at the end of the day.”

They come with nametags so you can keep track of yours.

I really like the aesthetic, and the construction is clever. It appears that there are three aluminum tubes with circular cross-sections, fastened at the topmost point and the bottom two corners of each side. It then appears that the unseen tubes that the fabric panels are slung between are racetrack-shaped in section, and require no fasteners but are captured by bosses on the inside of the side panels. (At least that’s what I’m guessing based on this photo below.)

Rounding out the pair are a larger, double-decker Drop Box:

The price points mean it would be better if your employer, and not you, ponied up for these: The Locker Box small, Locker Box and Drop Box run $310, $325 and $565, respectively.

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Source: core77

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