kristina corre

Oh, so delicate, elegant, quiet … collages that inspire me to stop for a moment, simply to breathe. This is the work of Kristina Corre, a Filipina-Canadian artist based in Ottawa. Now, drop your shoulders, take a cleansing breath, and read her lovely artist statement on the idea of ‘space’:
“Lately I’ve been obsessing over what it means to take up space and also to give space. Compositionally my minimalist aesthetic is an opportunity to give collage elements room to breathe, to create a sense of depth and movement, and to give viewers’ minds room to wander. In the works from the Cat’s Cradle series, the use of translucent vellum enhances this sense of depth and space to create an illusion of chronological distance along with physical distance between the parts. In a process of constant refinement, working within a minimalist aesthetic pushes me to edit continuously, so that only the most potent elements and drivers of narratives are fixed to the page.. More philosophically, the notions of taking up space and giving space are fascinating things to unpack in this time of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission; diasporic art movements; projects to decolonize brown and black bodies and honour indigenous and ancestral knowledge and culture; self-care as acts of resistance; and a growing awareness towards a truly inclusive feminism. What does it mean to take up and give space as a woman, as a person of the Filipinx-diaspora, as someone influenced by the works and writings of artists of the African-diaspora, as an arrivant on unceded land, as an artist using my own quiet voice? My recent works are meditations on these questions.”
Exhale. Happy Friday.

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