kristina micotti

Turtles on roller skates, and spiders with custom sunglasses… I am soooo IN. This is a peek at “Pet Store”, the latest solo show by San Francisco based artist/illustrator Kristina Micotti that is currently exhibited at Recess {until May 30} in San Francisco.

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“This new ‘Pet Store’ series is the artist’s way of finally owning all the animals she ever wanted as a child, inspired by those many trips to the pet stores with her mother and the disappointingly inanimate care guides and toy sets she amassed instead. Drawing on imaginative childlike whimsy and nostalgic “90s kid” aesthetics, Micotti has recreated these childhood experiences in the form of a fun, bright pet store containing a variety of animals – again, each with their own miniature accessories – all waiting for their new owners to take them home. She is offering both herself and her audience the chance to realize the unfulfilled childhood dreams of pet ownership that we have all similarly suffered. Her fanciful new ‘Pet Store’ collection allows us all the freedom to “adopt” the pet of our wildest (albeit suburban) fantasies – without a mother’s voice of reason to restrict us.”

YES! I want a pink bunny wearing cowboy boots… and you can’t stop me, Mom!

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