‘La La Land’ brings back music and life to Hollywood

The fact that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are starring in the movie isn’t the only reason to see La La Land. Fans and critics alike are giving the film praise for bringing back the prestige of a good musical to Hollywood. Damien Chazelle’s feel-good movie couldn’t have come at a better time. With so many people feeling down because of political issues and generally negative news on TV 24/7, having something as fun and positive as La La Land definitely helps lift our spirits up. The cinematography is no joke, either. You definitely will get an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia – decades back where proper fashion and grooming made sense. The popping color of the film adds to its appeal, too.

And don’t think this is just another art film with good choreography and an impressive soundtrack. The film is generating a LOT of Oscar buzz. In fact, many share the opinion that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences could use a light-hearted musical break right about now. Many speculate the movie will become a worldwide hit and a national sensation, although we can only wait to see if the Oscars think likewise.


Source: designfaves.com

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