Lady Gaga Praised For Helping SZA With Her Dress After Losing To Her For Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Imagine working hard to make your dreams come true, year after year of ups and downs, joy and tears, successes and failures; all that colliding into a sizable result appreciated by millions and a win of one the most prestigious awards. That will remain a part of my own imagination as I’ve got talent the size of a crumbling biscuit, but it became a reality to many at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. Lots of moments to mention, many widely discussed, and if you’d like to have a look at our picks, here’s a link.

Whether you agree or disagree with the winners this year, one thing is certain – humanity prevails. 5 seconds of kindness are making headlines and the moment between Lady Gaga and SZA is definitely one to note and remember. Let’s get into it (yuh)!

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The road to success is one of hardship, especially when you’ve twisted an ankle and have to make it upstairs in crutches, also wearing a long tight dress

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The Grammys were full of anticipation this year, each artist eagerly waiting for the results. It was time to hear who the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance was going to be.

The nominees were Doja Cat and SZA for “Kiss Me More”, Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco for “Lonely”, BTS for “Butter”, Coldplay for “Higher Power”, and Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga for “I Get a Kick Out of You”. And the winners were Doja Cat and SZA! Though both found difficulties getting to the stage to receive their award.

After falling out of a bed and injuring her ankle days earlier, SZA made her way to the stage on crutches. Her dress was a skintight mermaid-cut Jean Paul Gaultier gown with a long tulle train, and although gorgeous, it made it harder to move. SZA looked to be struggling as she tried to move quickly towards the stage.

SZA, whilst going to collect the Grammy, was helped by none other than Lady Gaga, who graciously and without asking bent down and carried the long tulle train

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When Lady Gaga saw the long train, she didn’t hesitate to reach for it, carry and move it carefully out of the way, so that the singer could make it up the stairs and onto the stage with more ease. SZA later told ET that she was trying her best to get to the stage because she didn’t want Doja to miss out on her moment, not realizing Gaga was being her own personal guardian angel.

The small act of kindness was not missed, people praising Gaga for a very human act of service to another, one calling it ‘a queen helping a queen’. Many noted the loss of the award, yet it shows a great example of grace and respect for those in the same industry, understanding the hard work it takes to get there, regardless of wins and losses.

SZA had one goal in mind, to get on the stage as soon as possible, without knowing that Gaga was there to support her every step of the way

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The quick exchange was over and the Grammy Awards continued, but viewers at home would remember the moment fondly

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Once on stage, another humorous and heartwarming moment would occur as SZA was joined by Doja Cat, who had her own adventure getting on stage

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Another humorous and touching moment happened afterwards. When SZA got on stage, she was awaiting Doja Cat, who seemed to be rushing to the stage. SZA called out “girl, you went to the bathroom for 5 minutes, are you serious?”

Doja made it just in time, but completely out of breath. She looked out into the audience and said, in a very honest Doja Cat manner, “I have never taken such a fast p*** in my whole life.”

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She heard that she’d won the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance whilst in the bathroom, so she made a dash for the stage

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Regardless of the struggles, the two women were incredibly grateful for the award, Doja getting emotional at the end

Image credits: Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

Doja proceeded to thank her family, team, and fans for everything they had accomplished, Doja turning to SZA to say “you are everything to me. You are incredible. You’re the epitome of talent.” She then begged SZA to say something whilst she caught her breath.

SZA was just glad Doja got back in time and it appeared that was the moment that Doja realized the significance of the win. She got emotional and tearful, saying “I like to downplay s***. But this? This is a big deal.” You can’t help but love her.

Image credits: Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

Gaga was shown supporting the women, getting emotional herself. It’d been an important evening for her, too

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Lady Gaga is no stranger to the Grammys herself. Having received a win for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for ‘Love for Sale’, her total number of statues rose to 13.

She also performed on the night, a beautiful medley and emotional tribute to Tony Bennett, who’s been forced to retire last year due to his ongoing battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He’d partnered with Lady Gaga in the final years of his career and created music for new generations to enjoy. She declared at the end of the performance: “I love you, Tony. We miss you.”

Image credits: Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

She performed a medley of songs from the album “Love for Sale”, giving tribute to Tony Bennett, who’d retired from music last year

Image credits: Liv Marks

Image credits: Liv Marks

She didn’t leave the Grammys empty handed. Gaga won her 13th award, recalling the time she won her first one, saying it’s still as emotional

Image credits: ladygaga

Gaga also posted pictures on her Instagram, recalling her first wins, saying: “I won my thirteenth Grammy last night, and I cried just like the first time I won for ‘Just Dance’.”

“Tony and I are so grateful for this honor. I was so proud to be a part of such a beautiful community of musicians where so many people were rewarded for their artistry. Congratulations to everyone for all the awards, performances, and for your devotion to music. And thank you for that standing ovation! You truly lifted my spirits on a night where I truly missed my friend—he would have been so happy that in 2022 everyone stood up for Jazz! I love you!!”

She came back a little later to clear up that it wasn’t Just Dance but rather Poker Face that won her the first Grammy. But regardless, it meant the world to her.

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It’s becoming common for Gaga to hit headlines for her kindness and humanity, just like the time she helped Liza Minnelli at the Oscars

Image credits: Naomi O’Leary

This will most likely be one of many moments Gaga makes headlines this year for her kind and sweet acts, such as helping Hollywood legend Liza Minnelli through announcing the nominees for Best Picture at the Oscars.

Liza seemed to get flustered but Gaga took control and managed to reassure Liza in the process, whispering to her “I got you” and the legend responding, “I know, thank you.” To read more about the wholesome interaction, you can click the link here.

It’s not surprising that she’d be kind enough to help a fellow singer, but it’s difficult not to appreciate the respect and love she shows to fellow artists.

People have run to Twitter to shower praise and love for Gaga. What did you think of this story? Let us know in the comments

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