LAP Open Wire, April 27, 2024

Chris should be done with the chair above by the time you’re reading this. As I write and schedule this post, he’s doing the “make pretty” on the arms, legs and seat, and the backrest will be installed by lunchtime. Then he’ll spray a coat or two of shellac and rub on a coat of black wax…then decide he’s unhappy with that look, strip the wax and do a few tests to find a paint that will cover it. If that’s successful, he’ll spray the paint, and hopefully get two coats applied before it’s time to head to the bar. It’s Friday; on Fridays, we go to Crafts & Vines.

If the spray approach doesn’t work, I’ll be wear painting togs Saturday, with my brush in hand.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

All that to say Chris, and possibly I, will be available to answer your woodworking-related questions. Please leave them in the comments below. And please know that if the question – or your response to our answers – is longer than the preamble to the Constitution, we will glaze over and be mildly annoyed. And we will roll our eyes in your general direction. “Brevity is the soul of wit,” said Polonius. And while in his mouth those words are ironic, he’s not wrong.


p.s. The chair will be posted for sale on the blog just as soon as we get the blog fixed (assuming Chris is happy with the finish by then). No one is getting the RSS feed or notifications right now. It is vexing.


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