LAP Open Wire, May 20, 2023

A wall cabinet I finished up this week for “The American Peasant.”

It’s time for the LAP Open Wire, where we endeavor to answer your questions about woodworking – plus our tools, books and apparel.

Here’s how it works: Type your question in the comment field. I will do my best to answer it. It is that easy.

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Before you ask a question, please read this.

  1. If you could limit the number of questions you ask to one or two, that would be great. And remember brevity is appreciated. 
  2. If your question is your first comment here, it will automatically be flagged for moderation. Your question will appear after I approve it.

So here we go…. Note that comments for this entry will close about 5 p.m. Eastern. 

— Christopher Schwarz


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