Last Call on ‘Sharpen This (the Video)’

A marking knife that hasn’t been properly sharpened for 10 years.

At midnight tonight the $50 introductory price for “Sharpen This (the Video)” will end. After midnight Eastern time, the video will be $75.

This video series is a deep dive into practical (not theoretical) at-the-bench sharpening. What do you need to do to get your tools to leave a perfect wooden surface? That’s the goal.

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The series is an ongoing project. We have already posted 13 chapters, and most of them focus on particular tools and the tricks to sharpening them. And we are working on 18 additional chapters that will be released in the coming months. 

So if you buy the video now, you will continue to get new content on sharpening throughout 2023. We are covering techniques for all sorts of tools, and we eschew almost all of the silly jigs. 

For example: Today we just posted a new video on sharpening marking knives. There are a number of insane jigs out there for sharpening marking knives. And they all miss the mark. That’s because the most important part of sharpening marking knives isn’t sharpening the bevels. It’s sharpening the flat back.

Once you get the back flat, honed and polished (every time), then the bevels are easy. (No jigs.)

To prove it’s easy, I sharpen a marking knife that has been in use for 10 years without a single decent sharpening. And bring it back to life.

Normally we don’t share testimonials. They seem cheesy. But the response to the video has been impressive.

“I’ve read/watched people explain the process too many times now and it never clicked until I watched this series. After watching the grind/hone/polish video, I ran into my shop, tried it out, and had an actually sharp edge on my plane within 30 seconds — all of that without a bald spot on my forearm.

Seriously, huge thank you. I wish I had this series 2 years ago, I wouldn’t have wasted so much money, time, and angst.”


“This video series has been incredibly helpful for me. My sharpening game has changed – less time sharpening and more woodworking!”

So if you want to save $25, here’s the link. Thanks to everyone who suggested we do this video and discussed their challenges when sharpening.

— Christopher Schwarz


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