Laundry Day + Their High Design Minimalist Smokeware Get a Refresh

Laundry Day + Their High Design Minimalist Smokeware Get a Refresh

Smokeware brand Laundry Day is known for bringing together art and design with people who appreciate great aesthetics and cannabis. Last month, they dropped a fresh rebrand and a handful of new products that mirror their new visual identity: the Cube Collection, the Chrome Collection, and Aluminum Grinders.

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At its core, Laundry Day hopes to reflect and inspire a curiosity for everyday living through the simple, functional, and creative everyday objects we take for granted. The brand’s new direction reflects this mindset, the three new collections echoing a sophisticated, intentional, and material-driven aesthetic that minimalists are sure to gravitate toward.

Designed by Ludy Dy, the Chrome Collection takes on the unique reflective materiality at hand. Available in the brand’s core collection of smokeware, each pipe’s finish is created by electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto the surface to achieve that great mirror-like quality. The eye-catching visual it creates makes the accessories blend seamlessly into your space, and when the sun hits them the light play is gorgeous.

Two new Aluminum Grinders have also found their place at Laundry Day. The Cube Grinder mimics minimalist sculpture with its six-sided, four-piece magnetic form, and puts out an optimal consistency. It’s composed of four detachable compartments – two for grinding, one to collect ground herb, and one to gather excess kief at the bottom level. There’s also an aluminum scoop to help pack your pipe. The clean construction allows you to rest the Cube Grinder in either an upright or angular position.

If you’re looking for something a little more ergonomic and smooth, there’s the Silo Grinder. Like the Cube Grinder it features four stacked pieces, four aluminum compartments, a magnetic closure, and a tiny scoop.

Laundry Day’s Cube Collection is functional and decorative – and multifunctional as it also works as an incense holder. The cube shape is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and makes for a great pair when partnered with the Cube Grinder. Choose from a number of brilliant colored glass options, a matte black, or chrome finish. This pipe includes a carb to help clear excess smoke and is recommended for use with Laundry Day’s filters.

pink glass cannabis pipe

Cube Pipe

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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