Laundry Jet Is a Series of Tubes That Sucks Your Laundry around the House

Is it really necessary? No. Would it be useful? Yes. Would I use it for purposes other than laundry processing if there was one in my home? You’d better believe it!

Laundry Jet has up to four ports that open either with a manual slide or motion sensors. Vaccuum force sucks the clothes down to a central repository in the laundry room. It works the other way, too. You can get an optional return system installed that sucks the clean laundry up to a designated location in the house.

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Although Laundry Jet is best installed during the home construction, it’s also possible to retrofit the system into a preexisting home by routing the 6-inch wide pipes through an attic. Those pipes are wide enough for most laundry items or carefully wrapped sandwiches.

-via Born in Space

Source: neatorama

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