lauren mycroft

Exhale. This is the dreamy/washy work of Canadian painter {and mother, clearly}Lauren Mycroft. Through pouring, staining, and mark-making Lauren makes these lovely worlds come alive. Here is a little snippet from her site that explains her hows and whys:

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“Using a contemporary palette and methodical layering technique, Mycroft creates process-driven artwork that feels both fresh and familiar. The compositions are created freely and intuitively, learned through years of practice and formal art training. Inspired by memory of place, Mycroft reflects on our emotional attachment and not specific locales. Through her unique palette and fields of stains, Mycroft offers the viewer a sense of nostalgia and elicits a personal response based on their own experiences with the landscape.”

Yep, I’m definitely getting flashbacks of life on the West Coast. Love.

ps. I just discovered Lauren’s work last week. How? She’s in my new Thrive Mastermind group! Seriously, talent is spilling out of this crew. BTW, Thrive is already half full for their September 2018 sign up, and the next intake isn’t until Spring 2019… so if you’ve been thinking about it, now might be the time. Give them a shout if you have any questions about the ins and outs.

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