Laurence Brown Becomes an American Citizen

Laurence Brown (previously at Neatorama) normally brings us humorous and often stinging observations about the differences between Britain and the US in his Lost in the Pond series. Born in England, he’s lived in the US for about 14 years now with his American wife, and for seven of those years has been making YouTube videos about the contrast between the United States and his home country. Now he’s finally become an American citizen! In this video, he takes us through the process as he experienced it, in his wry and self-deprecating manner. The real excitement is when he finally confronted the citizenship test, covering subjects he’s researched and made videos about. He also studied diligently for it. But when the crucial moment arrived, he came close to panicking and forgot everything he learned! Somehow he managed to pull it together just enough to become a dual citizen with the right to vote. Congratulations and welcome to the club, Laurence!

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Source: neatorama

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