Lawyer Confronts The Parents Of The Child She Was Babysitting For Compensation For Her Ruined Clothes

No good deed goes unpunished. Babysitting can either end up being the most fun job you’ve ever had or a complete disaster. And a lot of that depends on the kid that you’re looking after’s behavior. If you’re not a professional nanny and simply helping out your neighbors, then your kind act can end up creating a lot of unintentional drama. And that’s exactly what happened to redditor Jointfamily.

Jointfamily, a lawyer, agreed to babysit her neighbors’ 11-year-old daughter, Rhea, while they went and got vaccinated. She also made it very clear that she’d have to be in a virtual courtroom for a hearing at 1:30 pm. However, things went wrong as the parents ran late. The girl ruined Jointfamily’s clothes. But instead of getting an apology from the parents, the redditor was instead threatened with a lawsuit. Though things took an unexpected twist later on in the story. Check out the full tale below and let us know who you think was in the wrong here: the redditor or the parents?

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A redditor had her clothes ruined by a child that she was babysitting, all because her parents were running late to get back home

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Though things seemed very tense at one point (hey, even the resident’s association got involved!) everything eventually worked out. Maybe not in the fairytale way that we might have wanted with everyone living happily ever after, but it’s enough of a win to remind us that not everyone’s a jerk.

Rhea’s mom apologized to the lawyer who agreed to babysit for them later on and even treated her to some food as a way to apologize. Meanwhile, redditor Jointfamily promised not to take any legal action against the family for her ruined clothes. Though, to be fair, she also said that she wouldn’t help her neighbors out with any babysitting anymore either.

In a way, the story teaches us two things that we should keep in mind no matter the situation. First, punctuality is everything. Nothing would have happened to the redditor’s clothes, had her parents got back home on time. And second—food _always_ works as an apology. There’s nothing like a good meal or a snack to sway your mind and your heart (through your stomach) toward forgiveness.

Here’s how some redditors reacted when they read the story. Many believe that the fact that the kid was 11 years old means that she should have known better

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