Le Soufflet Renovation and Extension by _naturehumaine

Le Soufflet Renovation and Extension by _naturehumaine

Le Soufflet is a minimalist space located in Montréal, Canada, designed by _naturehumaine. The project is a renovation and extension of a commercial building with an entirely new floor added that is characterized by a monolithic steel roof.

The rooftop pergola not only provides an expanded volume, but allows the project to be aligned in continuity with its neighbors from the street. A series of vertical brick details as well as large glazings accentuates the perception of depth for the building.

The third floor office space is organized with the conference room in the front while the lobby and circulation areas are naturally lit through skylights. The overall monochrome tones are accented by bright colors, with blue build-ins and a red staircase.

Photography by Adrien Williams.

Source: design-milk

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