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Somewhere between collage and painting lives this lovely work by Australian artist Leah Bartholomew. Sigh. Well, technically they’re gorgeous paintings, but they start out as torn paper collages. Here is the description from Leah’s site:

The ritual of daily walks play an integral part in forming the initial concepts for her pieces. Her vast paintings begin as small torn paper collages, an intuitive puzzle of unexpected colours and feelings that take shape based on the influences of her environment and mood. These collages may represent the colours of the weather, or how the warmth of the rocks on the beach felt, or the blinding brightness of an electric blue sky. The colour palette is carefully chosen in response to this and the paper collages then inform the large scale paintings. Each day is different and her affinity with the landscape provides endless material to respond to.

I love all of that. Who wants to go for a walk in Australia? Me too.

Source: thejealouscurator

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