Learn to Draw Anything with These Handy Online Resources and Books

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Drawing is a skill that you can practice at any point in your life. Once you know the basics, you can continually improve your abilities and challenge yourself to take on more complicated subject matter. This type of art will never go out of style, so there’s no limit to the amount of drawing ideas you can sketch over the course of decades!

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Many of us had art as a subject in school, but not everyone chose to pursue it beyond their tween years. If you’re in that camp, it’s not too late to learn how to draw. Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of courses you can take online and tutorials you can watch for free on Youtube. They cover a variety of sketching interests so you are sure to find a video (or series) that will pique your interest to put pencil to paper.

Another great resource for drawing lessons are books. Because the basics of drawing haven’t dramatically changed over time, you can pick up texts from fifty years ago and they’ll be relevant today. Just work through the suggested exercises and you’ll build your skills in no time.

How to Draw Books

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Learn How to Draw With Online Classes

Online classes are a great resource for learning how to draw. They offer the convenience of online instruction—you can take these courses in your pajamas—with guidance from professional artists. Typically, each class has a series of lessons that are tied to a central theme as well as an assignment so that you can demonstrate the new skills you’ve learned.


These are some of the best places to take online drawing classes today:



Bluprint (formerly Craftsy) has classes that teach you how to draw with graphite, colored pencil, and more. Join their monthly subscription service and take as many classes as you like—including some to download and keep forever.

If you are just beginning your drawing journey, we suggest their comprehensive class called Learn to Draw. Instructor Patricia Watwood shares the tools you’ll need as well as the essential techniques for drawing.

Know the basics? Try these classes to take your skills further: Drawing Dimension: Shading Techniques; See Better, Draw Better: Exercises for Beginners; Perspective in Landscape Drawing.



Bluprint is great at demonstrating big-picture techniques and giving you the tools you’ll need to draw a variety of things. Creativebug’s selection of classes, which also work on a subscription model, is more project and challenge focused. So, once you have the basics down, try one of their classes to take your imagination to new heights.

Finding your artistic voice is one of the most challenging but rewarding things you’ll do as an artist. Classes like Treasure Hunt Your Artistic Style will help you figure out what and how you like to draw, whether that’s in a realistic manner or with a cartoonish-edge.

Creativebug offers a lot of daily drawing challenges that allow you to push the boundaries of a subject like faces, objects, animals, and flowers.



Udemy offers a bevy of courses about drawings. They range in skill levels and subjects, and there are many classes that cover the basics. Unlike other e-learning sites, Udemy is extensive with their programs. Their Ultimate Drawing Course, for instance, is 11 hours long and includes 63 lectures!

For more drawing courses on Udemy, try some of their best sellers like The Art & Science of Drawing: Basic Skills and The Secrets to Drawing. If you’re interested in drawing digitally, instructor Austin Batchelor teaches Ultimate Guide to Digital Sketching: Beginner to Advanced.


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