Lebanon's Thinnest Building

This may look like a facade left over from a demolished building, but no, it was built to look that way. This is the Grudge Building (“al-Ba`sa” in Arabic), the thinnest house in Beirut, Lebanon. The end you see here is only two feet wide, but the other end is 14 feet wide, which you can see in the third picture in the gallery above. Still a very small footprint for a four-story building.

According to a Lebanese urban myth, one man turned sibling pettiness into an extreme sport when he erected the country’s thinnest habitable building in front of his brother’s property. His intentions were simple: to block his brother’s seafront views and devalue the property.

The root of the feud is said to be one brother inheriting a much bigger piece of property than the other. Or that the brother with the property in front lost some area when the road was widened. Either way, we don’t know how much truth there is to the tale. No one lives there now, but it does have a history of tenants in its eight apartments. Read more about the Grudge Building at Insider. -via reddit

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Source: neatorama

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