Lenovo's Yoga Book 9i: A Dual-Screen Laptop

There are technological breakthroughs that promise clear UX improvements; affordable flatscreens changed workstations, smartphones offered utility that previously required carrying multiple devices. Then there are tech breakthroughs which may or may not improve UX, but tend to stun nonetheless, through novelty if nothing else.

I can’t decide which category Lenovo’s new Yoga Book 9i, a laptop with two OLED screens, falls into. But visually it blows my socks off.

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You can use one of the screens itself as the keyboard and trackpad, or you can attach an included physical keyboard.

This video from The Verge‘s Monica Chin gives you an in-depth rundown of what it’s like to use the machine:

The idea of using a touch interface on the top screen, which has the least support and tends to move under pressure, doesn’t seem ideal; but from a productivity standpoint, having access to two full screens sounds pretty sweet.

Source: core77

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