Leopard Attacks a Troop of Baboons

Merve Mersinligil and her new husband Viktor Szontagh had just arrived in Kruger National Park in South Africa for their honeymoon. The first animal they saw was a leopard on the side of the road. Further along, they were slowed by a troop of around 50 baboons who kept sitting in the road. Well, duh, that’s where the shade of the tree is. Mersinligil mused that maybe they should warn the baboons of the leopard they saw down the road, but just then the leopard showed up!

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That’s where we get a lesson in the value of living in a community. Every baboon knew their duty. The mothers ran with their babies, while the biggest males followed their leader and swooped in to attack the leopard! There is strength in numbers, and after all, they were fighting to protect their families. The leopard managed to get away, but he was lucky he wasn’t torn to pieces by the angry baboons. It was an interesting beginning for a honeymoon. -via Digg

Source: neatorama

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