Let Them Eat Fake: a case study of social media’s influence on people’s eating habits

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We’ve all seen plastic food in windows and counters of fast-food chains. And while these petty representations don’t exactly make the real ones appetizing, they look eerily similar and that’s what makes the idea somewhat sickening.

“I want it to be quite assaulting on the senses,” says Bad Art’s Anna Choutova, the curator behind the array of inedible food in London. “I want it to mirror the assault of food in media and commercialism.”

With the works of 29 artists from all over the world, Choutova created the food exhibit called “Let Them Eat Fake” at Bones & Pearl Studios in London. From sausages to chocolate fountains, all the miniature representations of culinary decadence look savory. But none of them are edible. The main idea of the exhibit is to highlight the current influence of social media on people’s eating habits. Instead of actually being in the moment and enjoying the act of eating, people now tend to meticulously take pictures of their food – an act that takes away the entire essence of eating.


Source: designfaves.com

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