LG Releasing Modular Sneaker Display Case with Steam Cleaner and Odor Filter

LG Electronics has announced the Styler ShoeCase, a modular stack of boxes with transparent fronts meant to serve as a personal sneaker display.

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“In addition to creating the ideal environment for storing shoes by protecting against humidity and fabric-discoloring UV light, the Styler ShoeCase represents a great way for shoe enthusiasts to show-off their favorite pairs, offering interior features such as a 360-degree rotating turntable and a modular design that makes it possible to stack up to four cases on top of one another,” the company writes.

An attached module creates steam to “refresh” the kicks within, and includes a nozzle that can be used to dry out the insides of the shoes. Additionally, a filter within uses the “absorbent properties of zeolite to soak up moisture and help remove smells from footwear, making shoes more pleasant to wear and to have around.”

The company claims the Styler ShoeCase can “refresh” four pairs of shoes in 37 minutes.

Prices haven’t been announced.

Source: core77

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