LG Witty Is Designed to Adapt to Gen Z’s Creator Lifestyle

LG Witty Is Designed to Adapt to Gen Z’s Creator Lifestyle

What does a television for Gen Z look like? According to LG, it’s a 32-inch television with a vertical 16:20 portrait mode capable of rotating into a monitor landscape display. Oh, and it also rolls on an adjustable-height stand with small roller wheels underneath, with numerous add-on storage accessories to further customize the display. Or at least that’s what the Korean electronics brand envisions for the creator generation with their highly adaptable and decor-friendly, LG Witty.

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The LG Witty in Canary Yellow.

The collective effort of Hwang Geonryun, Park Subin, Park Sangwoo, and Hyung Minha within a cooperative industry-academic collaboration between the Korea Design Membership and LG Electronics, the LG Witty can be considered a direct response to generational changes in viewing habits, content creation, and to a notable degree, the physical limits of how and where Gen Z lives.

Vertical oriented screen divided into upper and lower, with top half showing friends connected by video call, lower half of friends playing Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing.

The LG Witty’s vertical orientation allows for screen segmentation, allocating one top half for connecting with others, the lower half for watching or playing content.

With an emphasis on portability and a space-saving form factor, the LG Witty stands out with a vertically-orientated stand design. This space-saving form is imagined to appeal to a younger generation already adapted to vertical-oriented content and living in small spaces. The stand itself can be accessorized with various add-ons for storing small items, while a roller base allows the entire unit to be moved to wherever desired, making the possibility to move the entire television easily with only one person.

The LG Witty in Canary Yellow.

The LG Witty in Cotton White (above) and Khaki Black (below).

The LG Witty in Khaki Black

The stand rotates for standard horizontal viewing, and can also be separated and reassembled into a smaller height, resulting in a computer monitor style table base for display in either vertical or horizontal fashion.

two people standing facing away looking at TV mounted on white stand

back of woman looking into TV monitor while applying lipstick

The display is adjustable up to a 15-degree tilt, with the arm structure connected magnetically to deliver power to the display.

three side by side yellow mounting stand for TV

three side by side yellow mounts with TVs vertically oriented

looking up at bottom of yellow tv mount

array of mountable shelf parts for LG Witty

sketches from mounted TV design

LG has already shown a willingness to explore novel explorations within the television realm. Designs like the LG Totem and their readily available LG OLED Objet Collection are indicative of this spirit. But it remains to be seen whether vertically-oriented televisions will resonate with Gen Z in the same way mobile devices have acclimated content creation and consumption into one experienced at 90-degrees.

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