LG's Array of Seamless LED Panels Allows for Home Cinema Screens in Unusual Shapes and Sizes

LG’s new Direct View LED Home Cinema Screens are made up of panels that are assembled at your house by a professional installer. The panels go together seamlessly, and the modular system means you can order a gigantic screen in a conventional or unconventional aspect ratio. Some examples:

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Then, well, it gets a little crazy:

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

As you can imagine, LG’s not shipping these in mere cardboard boxes. No, these arrive in “custom-designed, branded, wheeled ATA flight cases to make sure everything arrives safe and sound. Premium protection for each stunning display. No more searching to make sure you received every box. No forklifts or pallet jacks required, simply roll the cases into your space.”

Prices for these aren’t listed. As they say, if you have to ask….

Source: core77

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