LG's Strange, Flippable Monitor with a Handle

Here’s a strange product that might make sense for a minority of users. LG’s 27″ Libero display has a built-in base that also serves as a handle and hanging bar.

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One long edge of the monitor is lined with a soundbar, and the monitor can be used with the handle at the bottom, serving as the base, or inverted, with the handle hanging from the included hooks (as from a cubicle wall).

The monitor automatically detects which way is up and flips the picture accordingly. Additionally, there is a port both top and bottom that a companion webcam can be plugged into, so that it always sits atop the monitor, no matter which way it’s oriented.

I suppose these might make sense in a flexible-office hot-desking arrangement, or perhaps in a work-from-home situation where space is highly limited (i.e. your kid’s bedroom becomes your office when they go to school).

If anything, the design might be ahead of its time. If in the future monitors become entirely wireless (gosh how nice that would be), it might make sense to have one with a handle that you can easily move from site to site.

In any case, I’m always impressed when a corporation as large as LG is willing to release something as weird, experimental and outside-the-box as this thing is.

Source: core77

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