LG's Transparent OLED Displays to be Integrated Into Sliding Automatic Glass Doors

The fanciest windows we’ve seen use electrochromic glass, and can go from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button. Now take that a bit further, and imagine if every window around you was actually a screen that could display video, text and images at high resolution.

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That’s the direction we’re moving in, as LG has announced that they’ve signed a deal to sandwich large transparent OLED displays within automatic sliding glass doors. “The 55-inch transparent OLED display is protected by tempered glass,” reports New Atlas, “and offers 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, support for 120 percent of the BT.709 color gamut, with a 10-bit color depth, a one millisecond response time, up to 400-nit brightness, and a 150,000:1 contrast ratio. Transparency is reported to be 38 percent, while the self-lighting pixels promise vivid color delivery from wide viewing angles.”

LG says the first applications will be commercial. “In addition to providing convenient and touchless access to buildings and structures, the Transparent OLED Automatic Door will present new opportunities for greeting customers, communicating with employees and delivering advertising and marketing content unobtrusively to consumers,” the company states. “Additionally, its transparency means objects behind the display can be easily seen, enabling the solution to harmonize with its surroundings while providing useful information at the same time.”

I wonder if they can push the transparency far beyond 38%. It would be fascinating to see what an automaker could do with this technology in a windshield.

Source: core77

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