Librarian Finds Secret Zine Library inside Her Public Library

Devon Tatton is a librarian at the Greater Victoria Public Library in British Columbia. One day, while weeding print books in the travel section of her library’s stacks, she found and pulled a copy of Handpicked Tours of North America: A Motorist’s Guide to Scenic Routes and Fascinating Places in Canada and the USA. When she picked it up, a tiny zine–a handmade magazine–fell out.

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Tatton discovered that the book was a hallow shell filled with a wide variety of zines. Although it had a spine label and was shelved in the correct location by the Dewey Decimal System, it was a fake. Inside was a message saying that the book was the “central branch” of a zine trading library.

Tatton had discovered a guerilla library operating secretly inside her own library. This began her quest to find the person responsible for creating and managing this secret library. Tatton was successful. Read the whole story at Capital Daily.

-via Jessamyn West

Source: neatorama

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