Life In The UK Is More Than Just Tea And Scones, Here Are 57 Funny Pics That Show The Ups And Downs Of Being A Brit

We hope you’ve got your Earl Grey and scones ready, Pandas, because things are going to get incredibly British here, awfully quickly, and we all need to look the part. Quick question though, do you put the jam or the cream on your scones first? Don’t panic if you don’t know—it took for the news about how the Queen does it herself to get out in order to settle the debate.

One of the best places to get a broad view of life in the United Kingdom is the r/CasualUK subreddit. A community of nearly 1.2 million members, the online group is proud to share what being a Brit is really about. The moments they share range from the thoroughly hilarious to the wholesome, and everything in between (including some saucy jokes here and there [wink, wink, nudge, nudge]). Scroll down for the best pics that are as British as Brits can be.

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If you happen to live in the UK or you’ve spent time there, let us know what you love about the culture and the people the most. And don’t shy away from telling us about the things you found bizarre, either. Once you’ve enjoyed this list to the fullest and finished upvoting all of your fave pics, take a peek at our earlier features about r/CasualUK here: Part 1 and Part 2. That way, you’ll have something to entertain you during afternoon tea as well.

Bored Panda got in touch with comedy writer and all-around talented creator Ariane Sherine, from London, to get to grips with the British character, the UK’s cuisine, and why weather is such an important topic. She also revealed how the Brits have reacted to the apocalyptic heatwave this week. Read on to see what she told us.

#1 Message

Image credits: Mental-Dust

#2 There’s Only One Queen

Image credits: Mindless_Ease9161

#3 Helping Others…

Image credits: Sydney_brit

Bored Panda asked comedy writer how she’s desdribe the character of the British people.

“Witty, grumpy, cynical, endearing, passive-aggressive, repressed, kind, tolerant, and reserved,” she said, indicating that there’s a wide range of contrasting features that make up the culture and character of those living in the UK.

She also shared the things that are most ‘British’ to her. The kind of things that would mean that the UK isn’t the UK anymore if they were gone.

“National Trust historic properties, Grade II-listed houses, Routemaster buses, ancient magazines in doctors’ waiting rooms, people moaning about the weather (and also moaning about public transport and celebrities and the government)… queues, sunburn, red postboxes, the Royal family, pop music, and great jokes,” Ariane said.

#4 So I’m Strolling Through London And I Hear A Gentleman Say To Me “I Like Your T-Shirt” To Which I Say “Are You Bill Nighy”. He’s A Lovely Guy

Image credits: OwenJthomas89

#5 One Of The More Creative Female/Male Toilet Signs I’ve Seen

Image credits: 26326312

#6 Place Your Bets. Was This The Result Of A Public Vote?

Image credits: minimaddi

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For anyone who’s visiting the UK for the first time right now (hi! We hope your trip’s going well!) or plans to do so in the near future, British writer Ariane had some advice on what dishes you definitely don’t want to mis..

“Go to the seaside town of Whitby and try fish and chips. Or a steak and kidney pie with gravy. You can thank me later,” she said. We can confirm, these two are great (and I might be thinking of what would happen if I poured gravy on fish and chips).

The massive heatwave has been in the news non-stop. We asked Ariane how the Brits have been dealing with the increase in temperature and humidity.

“Oh my gosh, we absolutely can’t deal with the current heat! And to be fair, it’s been really extreme at 40 degrees celsius with climate crisis fires up and down the country,” she told Bored Panda.

#7 I Went To View A House Yesterday And Found This Qr Code On The Back Of A Cupboard Door. I Got Bloody Rick Rolled During A House Viewing!

Image credits: Sirius_55_Polaris

#8 The International Symbol For “I Might Have Another Sandwich”

Image credits: ImGreatAtNothing

#9 H&m Championing The Escaped Dementia Patient Look

Image credits: Mobilethrashacetate

Meanwhile, Ariane explained that the Brits’ fascination with talking about the weather stems from the fact that it’s small talk. “It’s just what you say when you can’t think of anything else to talk to a stranger about. But the weather this week was next-level. I’m a lifelong Brit and I’ve never heard people talk about the weather so much! Seriously, this heatwave was something else.”

Created way back in 2017, the r/CasualUK subreddit has been giving the internet an unparalleled glimpse into British culture for over half a decade. In that time, it’s drawn in a loyal following of people who enjoy the UK for what it is, with all of its highs, lows, and tumbles down the rabbit hole into peculiarity.

All that the team running the whole show asks of their members is to follow the rules set out for them. That means no politics, no aggression, no pointless arguing over every teeny-tiny trivial thing, and absolutely no “being a creepy weirdo.”

#10 My Brother In Law Received A Very British Christmas Complaint!

Image credits: TechnoGlobeTrotter

#11 This Pub In Wales Has Some Incredible Photography, Taken From It’s Very Own Beer Garden

Image credits: Marcflaps

#12 I’m Assuming 401 Years Ago This Person Died Very Unexpectedly

Image credits: CultureShipinabottle

It goes without saying that the posts have to be related to the United Kingdom. What’s more, redditors should avoid moaning and ranting as much as they can (though that can be hard, we know).

“Come on now, there’s so many other places for you to be a moany-pants. So what if your train is delayed and you forgot about your cup of tea and it went cold. If you’re frothing at the mouth about something it’s probably not appropriate for here,” the mod team writes.

#13 I Actually Love This. We Shouldn’t Pretend That Sex Stops After A Certain Age And/Or Surgery

Image credits: screenshotofdispair

#14 Upon Passing My Driving Test I Was Stoped By A Complete Stranger From Leicester Who Offered To Buy Me A Pint In Celebration Sometimes We Few Can Be A Friendly Bunch Thanks Howard

Image credits: zembo12

#15 Can We Just Take A Minute To Appreciate This Accidental Cut During Bbc News Live, Back To The Newrooms?

Image credits: Mightysmurf1

And yes, we all know that the world can be a truly scary place. But the r/CasualUK subreddit is exactly that—casual. The hint is in the name. If you’d like to discuss all the awful things happening globally, you can do that in other online circles. Meanwhile, r/CasualUK is about fun, lighthearted, and wacky pics about being a Brit.

However, the mods ask the community to put in a bit of effort when posting. “We tend to avoid severely overdone topics such as tea-related posts, pictures of fry-ups, debates on crisps and biscuits, yellow label hauls from supermarkets, pictures of sausage rolls,” they explain what kind of content to avoid in order to prevent the sub from going stale.

#16 For Some Reason This Has Made Me Feel Quite Patriotic

Image credits: asteroidnerd

#17 My Little Brother Just Returned From Trick Or Treating…

Image credits: much_bad_gramer

#18 Casual Guard Animal

Image credits: TheFailedAmature

“We really want fun, interesting, new, engaging content that sparks discussion.” Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a pic of your brilliant fry-up that’s going to make everyone hungry just looking at the pic. But moderation in all things is vital.

As part of their hunt for quality, the mods also stress that members shouldn’t use clickbait titles or screenshot articles. You should post the full article so the audience doesn’t have to google it.

#19 Two Of My Commute Drawings. Top One Is Done On The Tube Going Into London. Bottom One Is On The Way Home After Several Pints

Image credits: sparklingwater12

#20 View From My Desk This Morning. I Guess If The Elder God’s Have Come To Destroy The World, At Least They’re Starting With Coventry

Image credits: Natrapx

#21 First Time I’ve Seen Something Like This, So Cool

Image credits: TerrysChocoOrange

For me personally, the first things that pop into my head when someone mentions the UK include: red-brick buildings, fantastic museums, gorgeous parks, inscriptions on park benches, tiny yet beautiful gardens, tea (duh), Sunday roasts at the local pub, and the love-hate relationship Brits have with the Eurovision song contest.

#22 Moved To England From The Us A Few Years Ago And Have Been Working On My Fry Up Game Ever Since

Image credits: colddustgirl

#23 Saw This On Quora And It Made Me Chortle

Image credits: Andy_Cohen_1979

#24 Paramedics Of The Great North Air Ambulance Training On Jet Suits To Reach Emergencies This Summer. Flying To A Fell In 90 Seconds Instead Of 30 Minutes On Foot, Lake District, UK

Image credits: Immidandy

Of course, British culture isn’t just that, but all of these details add up to a very unique picture. In fact, a very Tolkienesque picture that hints at an inescapable fact—Brits really are very similar to Hobbits: they love nature, good food, and wholesome family life. Oh, and plenty of good ale (yes, they do serve pints). If you’ve never seen the rowdy, raw, and real side of the UK, you’ve missed out.

#25 My Sister Has Taken Up Embroidery…

Image credits: Welshboyed

#26 The Royal Mail Is Trialling The Cutest Electric Van Ever

Image credits: Stotallytob3r

#27 Wasn’t Expecting This At The Crossing This Morning

Image credits: Snorlaxlacks

At the same time, the British are a people of contrast. Very refined and reserved yet capable of being blunt and even bawdy (hello, limerick-lovers). More than content with peacefully gardening all weekend long while also happily attending the loudest, biggest football games. Intensely proud of their own cuisine while also borrowing dishes from the entire world.

#28 This Made Me Smile. It’s So True

Image credits: Altruistic-Tea7709

#29 My Entry For The UK’s Dullest Playground

Image credits: MarthaFarcuss

#30 Yesterday Morning In Lincoln. I Love This Time Of Year, When It’s Bright But Still Cool

Image credits: marmitewarlock

A people who are, at once, incredibly international with the reach of their pop culture, and still clinging to their island-mentality. Just like every culture, there are so many nuances here at play. To paraphrase Gandalf, Brits really are amazing. “You can learn all that there is to know about their ways in a month, and yet after a hundred years they can still surprise you at a pinch.”

#31 Gotta Love The Royal Mail

Image credits: Murderhands

#32 Hey Guys, I Think I Might Have Peaked

Image credits: nevetsprog

#33 Guys I Don’t Mean To Brag But I Finally Found Out How Carling Is Made

Image credits: AltruisticSand4

#34 Damn It, I’m Going To Have To Spend Christmas With My Wife’s Family

Image credits: OneArmJack

#35 Hot Fuzz 2 Now Filming In Blackfriars

Image credits: harry20larry

#36 Spotted In Leicester Square

Image credits: x-FiftyThree-x

#37 I’ll Do It, I Swear

Image credits: Domoshuuii

#38 A Couple Got Fined £60 After A Woman With A Knitter Tshirt Walked In A Bus Lane, Triggering The Anpr Camera And Sending A Fine To The Couples Door

Image credits: Currynrice9728

#39 Useless Finding Of The Day: You Can Fit Exactly Four Dark Chocolate Digestives In A Gü Pot

Image credits: InnocentPapaya

#40 Did This Today. Boiling Water In Flask To Cook/Keep Warm Frankfurters Till Lunch Time. Worked Way Better Than Expected. Picnic Hot Dogs

Image credits: idontknow-imaduck

#41 Just Stumbled Across This Old Gem A Friend Of Mine Received A Few Years Back

Image credits: Hollambeast

#42 I Attended My Sister-In-Law’s Ash Internment Yesterday, And They Brought Her Ashes To The Cemetery In A Sports Direct Bag

Image credits: zappapostrophe

#43 Someone In This Office Needs To Drink More Water

Image credits: Cornyboi180

#44 The Average Affordable UK House In 10 Years If The Market Doesn’t Change

Image credits: dismygyans

#45 I Jumped On The Lidl Jumper Bandwagon. My Boss Isn’t A Fan

Image credits: UnitedGunnit

#46 So It Turns Out The People At Lynx Have Officially Run Out Of Ideas

Image credits: Soulless-Plague

#47 Tea In Bed With Liz

Image credits: galindatherad

#48 You Can’t Park There Mate

Image credits: beakybal4

#49 Just Got My New Water Bill. Looks Like I’ll Be Showering, Drinking And Washing At The Gym

Image credits: ManILoveFarming

#50 The Most Condescending Note I Have Ever Received. I Am A Man In His Thirties Living In A Mostly Student Area

Image credits: kingofvodka

#51 Amazing. The Queen Waves From The Balcony Of Buckingham Palace At The Security Queue For Manchester Airport!

Image credits: kraven420

#52 Would Highly Recommend Weetabix As Pets. No Trouble At All

Image credits: Marilliana

#53 Clear As Mud

Image credits: xenmate

#54 Local Speed Watch. Pointed There Hair Dryer At My Stepdad Doing 30. In A 30

Image credits: Spirited_Lettuce_108

#55 Thought It Said Caramel… Thanks Asda

Image credits: Programmers_GoneWild

#56 The Way People From Outside The UK Think We Speak, Always Makes Me Laugh

Image credits: Unclesmekky

#57 Mixed Different Flavours In A Bowel Is This Ok Or Am I Gonna Get Lynched?

Image credits: poole1986


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