Life-Saving Kindness in Buffalo

The horrific winter storm last weekend brought nearly four feet of snow to parts of western New York state. The death toll in the Buffalo area stands at 27, but it would have been higher if people hadn’t opened their doors to strangers. Among the many stories of rescue and hospitality, that of Sha’Kyra Aughtry stands out. She heard a man crying outside, and her boyfriend Trent brought him into their house. They believe he may have been trying to walk home from his workplace. Joey was suffering from frostbite. Besides taking care of him, Aughtry was able to contact Joey’s family and eventually arranged transport to a hospital. She even accompanied him so he wouldn’t be frightened. We don’t know Joey’s prognosis, but he is being cared for in the hospital’s burn unit. You can read the story at the Twitter thread or the Threadreader version. -via Metafilter, where you’ll find links to more stories about people stepping up to help those stranded by the weather.

Source: neatorama

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