Life-Sized Crochet Skeleton

Now, this is just so cool. I wonder how long she worked on this one! 

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Canadian-based artist Shanell Papp took the art of crochet to another level by creating a life-sized skeleton. The artwork includes both the skeletal framework and the organs inside the human body. Papp referred to a human skeleton she borrowed from a university and some anatomical textbooks to fully render the details in this piece. “I was curious about the human body and I wanted to make a human body. I was interested in medical history and how we attempt to solve everything, but we are fragile. I was interested in medicine and applied to become an x-ray technician, but never attended. I stayed in art school, I wanted to continue learning new skills with my hands and I loved talking about art. Otherwise, I still read many books on medical history, death, and crime. I am interested in knowing about all the things that scare me,” she said in an interview. 

Image credit:Shanell Papp

Source: neatorama

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