Life with ADHD

The more we become aware about something that we had no previous knowledge or proper understanding about, the more we begin to empathize with what people deal with.

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For many people, ADHD probably seems like an excuse. That those who suffer from it are annoying and a drag to deal with. But they don’t see what kind of struggle people with ADHD actually go through. They simply dismiss and label them as “problem children” or “difficult people”.

To give a little bit of clarity to what people with ADHD actually feel and go through in their mind and with their emotions, read the story of Andrew Askins who has had ADHD and only knew about it at 20. And the illustrations by Dani Donovan can also help explain the thought process of a person with ADHD.

-via Book of Joe

(Image credit: Dani Donovan/Twitter)

Source: neatorama

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