Lifestyledesign's Portable Go Cases for Pelican

When Pelican wanted their smaller utility cases to appeal a wider market, they paired their engineers with industrial design consultancy Lifestyledesign.

“Broadening the user appeal of the micro-case was fundamental,” writes LSD, as they style their acronym. “The primary development goals were premium feel, functional flexibility and technical superiority presented with highly engaging design to enhance 21st century lifestyles.”

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The resultant Go Cases feature an off-center eyelet, a removeable smartphone divider tray that doubles as a place to store credit cards, IDs and a cable, and a single beefy latch that can be operated with one hand. The ABS case is surrounded by a rubberized protective bumper.

The cases are crush-proof, waterproof and dustproof (rated IP67), and a built-in pressure valve balances air pressure inside the case.

Aesthetically speaking, the object fits in as well in an office environment as it does at the beach or on a camping trip; the looks were designed for “diverse environments,” as LSD puts it.

They come in two sizes, the G40 and the G10.

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By the bye, if this is the kind of thing you’d enjoy working on, LSD is currently seeking a Senior Designer. You can check out their book here, and if you want to show them your book, click here to apply.

Source: core77

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