liisa hietanen

Have you seen these amazing life-sized crocheted ‘n knitted works of fantastic-ness floating around the interweb? Well I have, and clearly I had to write about them too! This is the work of Finnish artist Liisa Hietanen, and here are her words about this series, titled “Kyläläiset (Villagers)”:

“I make sculptures by crocheting and knitting. The technique has become a way of thinking. It is continuous and present and allows a portrait to slowly find its character. I am currently working on a series called Kyläläiset (Villagers), which consists of portraits of my fellow villagers in Hämeenkyrö. I study the essence of familiarity and shared experiences. I meet the same familiar strangers every day on the street and our common world is the size of a small village. I am depicting the present moment by portraying my own surroundings, but at the same time I am bringing out something common to us all.”


Source: thejealouscurator

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