Lilia Carlone Photography

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35 mm film photography by Lilia Carlone.

Lilia Carlone is a talented cinematographer and photographer who lives and works between Rome and Milan. She is best known for her intimate self-portraits and diverse shots with a strong cinematographic touch. Mainly working with 35 mm analog photography, her images are a fascinating exploration of light, colors, and shadows. During the last years, Lilia Carlone has developed a distinctive photographic style to express certain feelings and states of mind. The photographs convey a sense of nostalgia and stillness. As always, a small selection of photographs can be found below. For more, please visit Lilia Carlone’s Instagram account: @liliaistalkative

Lilia Carlone Photography, Self portrait she made in Bruxelles.
A self-portrait she made in Bruxelles. All the following images have been taken by Lilia Carlone.
Lilia Carlone Photography, Follow the red light.
Follow the red light.
Lilia Carlone Photography, Hiding mirrors.
“Hiding mirrors.”
Lilia Carlone Photography, How film can be wrong?
“How film can be wrong?”
Lilia Carlone Photography, Knowing myself.
“Knowing myself.”
Lilia Carlone Photography, Lost and found.
“Lost and found.”
Lilia Carlone Photography, Nothing like the last rays.
“Nothing like the last rays.”
Lilia Carlone Photography, Sardinian secrets.
“Sardinian secrets.”
Lilia Carlone Photography, The prayers.
“The prayers.”
Lilia Carlone Photography, They said, don't ever look back.
“They said, don’t ever look back.”

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