Listen To Your Pot To Know If The Oil Is Hot Enough For Frying

No need to risk your skin in case of oil splatters when getting close to the deep fryer! Whether you’re using a pot or a deep fryer, it’s pretty scary to get near a container full of hot, boiling oil, right? So how do you know when the oil is ready? Researchers from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia and their colleagues suggest that we use our ears. 

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The experts from the field of fluid dynamics were inspired by the kitchen hack used to test tempura-frying oil where you wet the end of a chopstick, stick it into the oil, and listen. According to Tadd Truscott, one of the researchers in the study, “if you hear really loud popping or crackling, it’s probably too hot.” The oil is ready if “ there’s sort of this nice bubbling sound. [It] almost feels like a song to some people, as it was described to me once.” he added. 

Image credit: Rani George /Unsplash 

Source: neatorama

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