Little League Sportsmanship Illustrated

Little League Baseball can teach you a lot of life lessons, and it’s not always about winning and losing. During the Southwest Regional Championship today, Texas East pitcher Kaiden “Bubs” Shelton accidentally beaned Oklahoma batter Isaiah “Zay” Jarvis.  You know that had to hurt, yet Jarvis was up and on base pretty soon. But Shelton was shaken, guilt-ridden and repentant to the point of tears. Jarvis left first base to give him some consolation and forgiveness. Jarvis assured Shelton that he was okay, and was heard saying, “You’re doing just great.” Now that’s sportsmanship, and just what was needed in the moment. Texas East won the game and will advance to the Little League World Series. Whatever else happens in the Little League World Series this year, this scene is what people will remember.  -via Digg

Source: neatorama

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