Little Pony Led Police on a Two-Hour Low-Speed Pursuit

🐴 Catch me if you can, said the little pony who led Alabama’s Tuscaloosa Police Department on a two-hour low-speed foot pursuit before surrendering and posing for selfies.

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😂 “The seagulls don’t work for us”

🎬 Sure, movies have fancy sets and talented set designers but what if the film or TV series call for a banquet of human flesh for cannibals? Meet Hollywood’s horror chef who make food “horrible AND delicious” (because the actors are supposed to eat ’em).

🕹️ Turns out, Puss in Boots mashed up with Elden Ring works out quite nicely.

(Image: Tuscaloosa Police Department)

🏠 Take a look inside this magical Beverly Hills witch house. Enchanting!

🥤 TIL that bottled water has expiration dates not because of the water. Instead, it’s the bottle that expires.

📺 Remember when MTV used to play music videos, then one day it doesn’t anymore? It’s because of channel drift: the phenomenon where TV channels change what they show until their original mission is completely forgotten.

🤤 Woman bravely tried all 23 food items at Super Nintendo World and lived to tell about it.

(Image: Kafziel/Wikimedia)

💊 Has John Wick finally met match? Here’s “John Sick” by indie artist Olipop – via Shirt Stack

👻 ICYMI: 9 Ghostbusters Tees and Big & Tall T-Shirts that are Out of This World

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